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Sunday, 3 July 2011

The travels of Team Toft

Team Toft have taken a break this weekend, both Carrie & Kerry have escaped the Midlands for sunnier climbs & some naughty treats. Essential things for the suitcases included swimwear, a cute dress, an alpaca snood for chilly evenings, heels (natch), a Toft Bulb Bag within which many other essentials can be crammed (including a well read issue of Craft Business) & some alpaca yarn for the journey. What can we say, we love our products & who wouldn't with the winning combo of luxury & practicality ;-)

Back to the farm tomorrow when we'll be taking stock of some delicious new chunky alpaca yarn.

N.B. Yes those are a couple of crocheted apple cosies in Carrie's knitting bag as featured in the 1st gorgeous issue of Mollie Makes Magazine.

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