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Friday, 15 July 2011

Could you be on the look out for a box of alpaca knitwear - somewhere in the UK...

It started off as a great week, lots to blog about and lots of things going on in the office.  We've a new work experience chap in the form of Joel, our Izy's brother, Kerry was at the Great Yorkshire Show meeting Prince Charles, Carrie had lots of visitors to the shop and Rob sold untold amounts of goodies to the Yelvertoft WI after their Toft farm picnic - he also wheeled one of their older members around the farm and up a few very steep hills, wish we'd have been there to get a photo!

Then we had some worrying news - hence not blogging since.  Our box of gorgeous one off samples that Gianni has just finished photographing in London didn't turn up.  Carrie made lots of calls to find out where and why is was missing and to be honest, we're still in limbo.  As a result we're attending the Knit Nation show this weekend with even newer knitting kits than the new ones we had planned!  Amongst the new things are a Fine Halter Neck Dress, a Fine Bobble-ended scarf and something we're really excited about, a crochet Solomans Net & Flower scarf.  This Toft favourite, is soooooo beautiful and finally available as a crochet kit (thanks Ruth!) - we think you'll love it!

But since these items are so very freshly baked we can't post any photos of them - you'll have to attend Knit Nation to see them. So instead here are a few of the new photos Gianni shots.  Remember to keep your eyes peeled for a brown cardboard box in the UK somewhere, about so big, held together with brown tape, full of one off pieces of knitwear, a plastic leg and a matching hand, so it shouldn't be too hard to find right?!!

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