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Friday, 14 September 2012

Socks away

It's been a very busy time here as ever at Toft towers.  We've been working away at the new collection which was eagerly anticipated and has now been viewed and ordered lots of times over, fantastic news since it's only 10 days old.

So in this blog we wanted to walk you through a few of the highlights many of which are adventures into new areas for us and about which we are very excited!

The first and possibily the most popular item already is our Butterfly shawl.  Knitting in our limited edition extra fine yarn this shawl is dainty yet not to girly, it's pretty, stylish and very versatile.  Worn over the shoulders or with all three points to the front it's an instant update to your autumn wardrobe, not to mention being a gorgeous to knit up item.

Next up we'd like to mention our new crochet kits.  We've totally fallen for the way of the hook and although knitting will always be our first love we're very pleased to have some fabulous new designs with Toft's usual take on classic with a twist.  It's so hard to choose between crochet granny bag, giant crochet scarf and our new baby blanket, plus these cute slippers (make two pairs from one kit) and crochet square wristwarmers, we want to crochet them all!

You might be wondering at this point why the title for this blog post since we've been ranting away about everything but socks, well here we go.  We have three exclusive new socks designed by some very talented ladies with whom it's been a pleasure to work.

First up are these beautiful lacy ankle socks, designed by Emma of Manfield Crafts (a beautiful yarn and craft shop in Rushden, Northamptonshire).  The simple and elegant lace design has been admired by all our sample knitters - we nearly had a rucus over who would get to test the pattern first (it was resolved with tea and cake you'll be unsuprised to learn). 

Next up were a pair of cabled socks designed by Laurie-an D'Alderley who creates all manner of knitting patterns, complex and simple but all very desirably knitable.  After some discussion over the type of style (which was very amusing thank you Laurie) she came up with this cable that sits so neatly around the foot, we just love them.  Not only did she come up with the cable design but to tie in with her workshop here in a next week(22nd Sept) Laurie also created a pair of toe-up socks in Aran featured below - can't wait for that workshop.

Last but certainly not least are a combination of cables and lace designed for us by the talented Mandy Yates (whilst studying for her Btec in fashion design, how does she find the time?).  Without knowing each others designs these three talented designers have created a perfect trio which compliment each other perfectly.  Mandy's socks combine a stunning lace back panel with a cable along the front of the foot. 

We'd like to thank all three designers for their time, patience (we know it took quite a bit of ripping back on occasions Mandy!) and for working with Toft.

We are sure to blog about the collection again quite soon but remember it's available online now and the Toft tour is back on the road with Manchester this weekend for Creative Stitches and Hobbycrafts show at Event City.  Closely followed by Spirit of Christmas Olympia, Ally Pally and Harrogate so hopefully we'll see you soon.