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Monday, 18 July 2011

Knit Nation done and dusted for 2011.

We had lots of fun this weekend at Knit Nation.  It was great to see so many familiar faces and show off our freshest newest knitting kits after the parcel debacle of last week (& no the parcel still hasn't surfaced!).  Kerry set up a great looking stand but she was so busy she didn't actually get a chance to take a photo of it. 

Saturday Carrie attended a Knitting with Colour workshop with Susanna Hansson (of Bohus Stickning fame) and loved every minute of it.  The workshop included stranded knitting (with floats carried behind the work), intarsia and slip stitch knitting.  The little hat photographed is all stranded work using Toft DK yarn and yes that is a Mollie Makes felt phone in the background, we're slightly addicted. 

The yarn used in the slip stitch knitting, a technique that does a very impression of a hounds-tooth pattern, was kindly donated by Susanna via a Washington Knitting Shop called Great Yarns.  The yarn is a Merino mix called Prism and is available in lots of beautiful hand dyed colourways. 

Carrie made several new Ravelry buddies including KatyLouise who can be seen here sporting some of her handknitted wardrobe (she's seriously talented!). 

To top off the already great weekend it was also Carrie's first year at Toft so the Lord's and the Pett's had a blue curaco fuelled evening out in London starting with Chinese and a trip to several bars, the impressively decked out Blackfriar was one of them and The Giant Robot diner.

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