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Sunday, 24 March 2013

A woolly day out in the big city

Today I did something that I don't do as often as I should. I took a day off, got on a train into London and went to see an exhibition with colleagues Claire and Harriet.

So admittedly this was no ordinary exhibition, it was the Campaign for Wool 'Wool House' (and to some this may seem a bit too much like a bus man's holiday), but work chat was kept to a minimum and we enjoyed a Sunday in the city.

Following a very chilly and early start we battled snow and bad coffee to make it down to London just after 10am and headed to Brick Lane. We had enough time for a touch of browsing so started at Tatty Devine and worked our way via the Sunday Up Market through to Spitalfields.

The Wool House was inspiring. So much to see, feel and admire. Wool is such a diverse material and it was in show at its best. It was a pleasure to visit and we had a thoroughly enjoyable day.

We return to the office tomorrow with renewed admiration for sheep and a pact to do another day out soon.

Great day, lovely company and a big congratulations to everyone involved in giving us the Wool House.