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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Chardonnay's mythical cousin: Chablis the Unicorn!

After a period of harassment from children of friends, family and fans, I would like to introduce Chablis the Unicorn. 

This is a simple mod to Chardonnay the Pony- so any of you who have the book can add her to your TO DO lists. 

I have used: 

Cream for the body and head (approx 35g)
Silver hooves swapping to cream for remainder of legs (15g)
Silver mane and tail which can be made a bit longer if desired (approx 10g)

Next. Look up Douglas the Highland Bull and crochet one of his horns but working your dc sts into the back loops only.  This will give you a ridged textured fabric surface which I think befits a magical unicorn horn. I worked the horn in a tiny scrap of oatmeal. 


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