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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Edward's Menagerie: big thanks to the little man but a plea for some time to crochet.

It's been a shockingly long time since I posted. That is in part due to life at Toft being chaotically busy at the moment as the business goes through another period of growth and transformation, and in part down to being Edward's mum. 

Now I can't thank him enough for all the inspiration he provides, but the growing success of Edward's Menagerie has oddly left me with less and less spare time to crochet anything at all. I miss crocheting. 

It's shaping up to be another very big year for Toft and for me, 'Kerry Lord', as the Edward's Menagerie book is signed off and goes to print. It looks like I'll no longer be able to hide so far behind the 'toft' banner, and instead 2014 will see me have to take the mic and step into the spotlight a bit more. Let's hope my skills are up to it! 

Teaching, publishing and TV demonstrating weren't things that I thought I'd be doing in the first two years of Edward's life- but then until the last week of pregnancy I could crochet either, so what did I know? 

As the next few months unfold and I start to see the true size of the wheel I've started rolling I sincerely hope I can find a bit more time with my hook (and to post at least once before Christmas!).


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