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Friday, 2 March 2012

Toft at Unravel 2012

Last weekend (has it been a week already?!) Carrie and Mr P went to their old home town of Farnham Surrey with a truck load of alpaca yarn and knitted goodies for a weekend of Unravel and the prospect of meeting up with lots of old friends.

This was Unravel's 4th year and in that time the show has grown from just two or three rooms of local traders to filling every nook and cranny of the Farnham Maltings even down to the cafe - resplendent with Farnham Knitwit's creations, to the bridge across the river decorated with crocheted balloons. Every corner you turned there was a fabulous artistic knit related creation to behold and to greet people outside the Maltings were four very cute sheep (breed unknown) one of whom made a heroic escape for freedom on Saturday morning. It was a very funny sight from Toft's first floor vantage point - to see a gorgeous fluffy sheep dashing as fast as she could down the car park closely followed by passers by doing their best sheep dog herding impressions.

This year we were situated in a great corner of the Barley Room that could quite honestly have be built for us. Carrie & Mr P didn't have too huge a row whilst setting up (that blinking wood!) and had a chance to catch up with Ingrid Wagner and her Extreme Knitting as she was situated just opposite, before heading out into Farnham to meet with friends for supper.

Saturday morning saw a long queue outside The Maltings, Carrie spotted lots of familiar faces who all popped by to say hello and satiate their alpaca yarn cravings with the five weights of yarn that we had with us. She also took along a few exclusives from the S/S 12 collection (available online now!) including the Clematis Beret and new two colour bobble hottie.

Firm favourite such as the striped deck jumper and round neck jumper were the most popular, so much so that Carrie sold out of mushroom fine alpaca yarn that first afternoon. The sale lace cardigans were also a hit as we knew they would be with the chic inhabitants of Farnham and surrounds!

Lots of pom poms were also purchased - many as inexpensive and easy to care for pets we suspect, but also quite a few to adorn pom pom beanies and the beginner pom pom scarf. It was also the first outing for our new selection of KnitPro needles, available online now in various fixed chunky sizes as well as two different sets, the feedback on us now selling these needles was fantastic so we're glad we took the plunge.

Sunday was another busy day with more familiar faces and some who decided to come back after having such a good time on Saturday. The fashion show took place in the afternoon and Carrie managed to recruit a keen camera woman (!) to take some pics for her of our outfit - those to follow. We dressed our lucky model in a cross-over dress, a pom pom beanie, the new and exclusive S/S 12 chunky cable cape, some cable wristwarmers and bobble legwarmers - do you think she was cosy enough?!

This little fella was one of three knitted moles and molehills to be found outside The Maltings - we just couldn't resist him! Well we are looking forward to Unravel 2013 already - it's certainly a show not to miss, especially if it's anything like this year!

*Carrie apologises to all the fantastic 'knit' artists of whose work she took photos of however she didn't take down names and feels very naughty.*
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