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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Bulb Bag Workshop Review

We can't be sure if it's the whiff of spring in the air, or perhaps it's the love felt (pardon the pun) for our bulb bags, but last weekend's bulb bag workshop was one of the nicest workshop sessions in a long while.

Don't get us wrong, our craft workshops are always great fun. We love sharing our alpaca and craft knowledge with all our visitors, but sometimes it all comes together in a magic way- the weather, the mix of people, the animals looking their full fleece snuggly best, the knitting and of course the cake- this was one of those days.

After a gloriously sunny walk, a highlight of which was watching Archie the llama trotting and swooshing grandly about his paddock, we came back to the farm to choose two balls of Aran alpaca yarn and a unique handturned small button with which to begin knitting mini bulb bags.

Some of the group couldn't pick just one and few opted for a big button instead of a small one. One creative lady even decided to try a striped bag, she very kindly sent some photos pre felting.

Toft Top Tip- don't always stick to the rules- upgrading to a bigger button than recommended makes for a fab statement. And because you can always transform your bag by swapping the button for a different wood type or size there's no excuse not to use your bag season after season.

The dogs were as usual a bit of a talking point, joined on Saturday by honorary workshop guest Matilda the terrier cross. Harvey skulked around under the table trying to disguise himself with yarn in order to pounce on any crumbs that might fall from the yummy shortbread biscuits that are fast becoming as talked about as the view from Toft.

We discussed the endless merits of knitting with KnitPros especially since circular needles are used for knitting any size of bulb bag. We covered topics such as felting, picking up stitches, knitting in the round and leaving and returning to sts (several of these techniques can be found in our knitting help pages). Our new KnitPro sets and the fixed needles were super popular in the postworkshop shopping spree, as was chunky yarn for a couple of beginner snoods

Toft Top Tip- you don't need to be a beginner to love our beginner knitting kits like the snoods or beret, they are perfect easy knitting projects to take to your knitting group so you don't get your needles in a twist after a few classes of wine!

If you are a Toft SUBSCRIBER tomorrow's free knitting pattern will be for a simple snood or cowl.

Sarah (thank you for your photos), she of striped bulb bag fame, went for several chunky colours with which to knit rib cowls- a fantastic effort for someone who claimed to have taught herself to knit backwards by mistake and then re-learnt the right way just a week or so ago!

So if you fancy joining us for another fantastic alpaca crafty knitting workshop we've a beginner crochet workshop and felting workshop next month. The next bulb bag workshop is 26th May and they're all available to book online now. The next time we host a workshop we will be in Toft Studio- what a treat.

Hope to see you soon!
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