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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Herding about

We all got out of the office again for a while today to help Linda herd the young girls back across the farm - it's always good fun careering around the farm on the quad and the truck, especially for us office dwellers.  Here are a few photos of the girls we were moving, including one little stunner who looks like she's growing a beard!  Poor thing, Ben the shearer missed a bit so Rob will no doubt have to do a Vidal Sassoon on her.

Alpacas tend to obey straight lines so when we are moving them around the farm all we really need is man power to hold up strategically placed ropes as you can see Rob doing.   These girls went back to join their two Suri friends who haven't seen them since they were sheared.  Ursula was so excited to see them she galloped around the field greeting all her friends with her tail actually wagging like a dog.  Alpacas a very social animals and this was lovely to see!

Back in the office Kerry got a warm up hug from Harvey and Pete who are now best buds.

Oh nearly forgot, we caught sight of our resident Ghostbuster in action yesterday armed with his trusty green back pack and spray gun ridding the trailer of paranormal activity - phew!  Who ya gonna call?!!  Rob-gutbuster... only, give me a while to get there and make sure there's a brew on would you...

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