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Friday, 20 May 2011

Goodbye to our interns & hello cria

We're all feeling a little weary this Friday after a very busy shearing week.  Here are some more shearing photos, this animal is Viola, we all tend to know her because of her unusual looks - you can't really see here but she is brown with a white face.  At Toft we 'throw' one colour animal over another of the same or similar colour (by throw we mean mate, we don't actually chuck them about!) in order that we can hopefully produce a single colour animal, thereby giving you brown yarn, cream yarn etc.  However this doesn't always work 100% and it didn't with Viola, or Lord Such (the brown and white cria) hence their white bits.

After shearing we had lots of births and for those who are a bit squeamish look away now, this is Maggie May giving birth to Mira, we've also had Lord Such, Betty and Nessa so that makes the total 4 boys and 3 girls so far!

Emi has now left us to get on with her spinning mission and today is Marie's last day at the farm before she spends next week at Haggers Mill in Banbury where we have our yarn spun.  It's been a really eventful few weeks and it's going to feel very empty without everyone next week.  That said we have lots more to look forward to...

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