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Friday, 6 June 2014

Meet my Menagerie: Caitlin the Giraffe

Following the launch of Edward's Menagerie in October 2013 I have been inundated with requests for a crochet giraffe pattern. I had no idea how many big giraffe fans there were out there and I am pleased to announce that Caitlin the giraffe made it into the Edward's Menagerie paperback

In the new paperback I have arranged the animals into three groups by their complexity, and Caitlin enters the menagerie as a level three animal due to the colour changing techniques involved.  I would strongly recommended using the technique video I have just recorded before making such of the patterns involving multiple colours. I am recommending a method that creates a clean colour change from one to another which gives you a much neater finish on your animal. 

Due to the nature of the reasonably demanding colour change pattern we are running a workshop on the 30th August where you can come and perfect all your amigurumi techniques under our expert guidance. BOOK HERE

The 'meet my menagerie' campaign is a 50 day countdown to the official launch of my Edward's Menagerie book.  The Edward's Menagerie paperback can be ordered HERE.
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