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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Knitting for your Home

Although this week it does feel a bit chilly again, and here in the new office we've got our heating on pretty high, before too long we should be enjoying the gentle heat and long days of British summer time proper. Due to the expectation of shorts and sandals weather (unless you're a very organised knitter and have got your Christmas gift list on the needles already) it can be a time when you're a bit stuck for things to knit.

Although some of you will be the dedicated four-season knitter, others seem to regard knitting and crafting in general as a winter sport. In the summer the nights are longer and there just seems to be far more to 'do' so a knitting habit can fall by the wayside.

We find that summer is a good time of year to knock out some fast projects for instant gratification. Don't start a 50hr garment project, but instead embrace a few short 5-10hr projects to get done when there's a rainy evening or two.

A great idea is knitting for your home. Sofas and cushions need woolly jumpers too- and right now chunky knitted interiors are everywhere.  This White Company blanket and cushion is gorgeous and oh so simpleOr this even chunkier cushion and throw is also lovely and a serious knitted statement.
Beginner Blanket from Toft Alpaca

Knitted blankets can be as laborious or quick to knit as your diary allows. Something like this beginner blanket takes advantage of big needles (20mm) and you knit using multiple strands of yarn together.

For those who are a toft subscriber this will be this week's free pattern so sign up now.

In contrast a blanket like this herringbone one is in our chunky yarn. A stitch that takes you two steps forward and one step backwards so it is a much slower grower.

When knitting blankets in one piece rather than in panels or squares we would recommend using circular needles with a long cord circumference. If you knit straight on these it allows you to cast on lots of stitches, and also helps you manage the weight of your project. Holding up 2kg on broomsticks is hard work on the shoulders!

We now stock 25mm needles for just such projects- stash bust by running strands together. Cushion covers make great beginner projects too.

If you're looking for something a bit smaller these striped cushions are very simple and high impact. Choose two natural colours, get your big needles out and knit knit knit. No shaping required.

See our HOME section for more ideas. 

Or if you wait a couple of weeks we'll be doing to big reveal on some interiors of our own for Toft Studio. As we speak three of our knitters have been entrusted with massive quantities of yarn and some very funny sketches and measurements.

They're very big- and will be the perfect place to relax, enjoy a cup of tea, and flick through the latest knitting magazines on your trip to Toft Studio
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