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Friday, 6 January 2012

Spot the difference birthday special!


Today is Rob of Toft Alpaca Stud's birthday, we won't say how old. Yesterday Kerry and Shirley undertook a special secret mission to pick up his special present... and here he is, Archie the llama. Isn't he a beaut?! Apparently his face was a picture of surprise and shock (Rob's that is, not Archie's). His first thought was that some strange reverse llama rustling had been going on over night, until Shirley and Kerry assured him that Archie was in fact a new addition to the herd.

So can you spot some differences between llamas and alpacas? Regular Toft followers will notice the difference in shape, height, ears and jaw not to mention the look of his fleece and colouring. We can't wait to show him off during the farm tour on the next knitting workshop at the end of January for some real life spot the difference fun!

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