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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Roof's arrived!

After another exceptionally busy week at Toft Towers a very exciting thing happened this Friday. The roof of our new building started to go up! We're sure that Rob would have a suitable poetic observation about this event, but being as we are so overcome with excitement that it might just be finished within a few months you'll just have to settle for a few pics, including a beautiful double rainbow from a few weeks ago instead.

In other news, Kerry has nearly sold out of pattern books & lots of yarn colours at a packed Dublin K&S show (no fear we can ship any orders!). Carrie's felt advent workshop was a huge success and everyone left with about 3 perfectly formed felt booties (just another 22 to go ladies!).

We're now looking forward to a short hiatus, then it's Harrogate here we come!

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