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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Pattern #8 Toft: Book 1

A simple round neck fine sweater in stocking stitch. A classic everyday sweater shown here in steel. If you can't wait for the pattern book, this one is available as a knitting kit right now. Our new lace chestnut is gorgeous (dark brown and chocolatey rather than too red).

We're off to Malvern Autumn Show this weekend where you'll find us out of our trailer and in a tent (let's hope for better weather than Newbury last weekend!). Knitting with your yarn in plastic bags on the increasingly muddy tradestand floor is not ideal.

And finally we caught this snap of a Guanaco at Newbury show. It was hiding in with the llamas and a few alpacas. Guanacos are the largest direct relation of the llama and alpaca- South American Camelids. So much more like a camel in foot and leg shape than our alpacas and still very pretty- well we thought so anyway.

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