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Monday, 13 June 2011

You won't lose that Cria wearing that jacket!

Friday at Toft Alpacas was Felting Workshop day.  As well as a few loyal customers we were also joined by several alpaca owners and some of our lovely knitters.  They all enjoyed a day of wet felting and unusually most people decided to make a bowl, Carrie had to gen-up on how to dry them as now one had ever wanted to make one before.  The thing to do is to leave it drying around your chosen bowl, once you've worked really hard to get that lovely shape of course.

The weekend was busy too with two new brown Cria's born 10 and 11 days premature, Ambria the little girl is the one with a Cria coat and a floppy ear, and the boy is Garafano.  Ambria's cria coat certainly makes her stand out in the field and should there be any on-coming traffic in her field she'll be spotted a mile off!  (Not that we ever have more than a mower or the odd tractor anywhere near that field!).

We received Central St Martin's student Ana Oqunan's photos today and immediately poured over them - we love the mood of her stylish photo shoot.  We're not quite sure of her technique, it's embroidery, but is it a crochet stitch?  We'll have to ask Ana herself, but we'd like to thank her in the meantime for the great photos.

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