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Monday, 14 March 2011

Albert's Arrival!

Now, when you think of Toft Alpaca Shop you probably think of luscious Alpaca yarns, gorgeous Toft Bulb Bags and of course Toft's hand-turned wooden buttons.  Well the man responsible for producing these beauties in all their sizes and varieties is one Albert Bick, local wood hand-turner extraordinaire and here he is.

Albert doesn't often visit because herdswoman Linda is his next door neighbour and she tends to bring in fresh button deliveries to us, but since he was bringing the mother-load to us before his lengthy holiday to source new woods, he thought he'd pop in.

As well as another massive Toft button made of Oak (nuzzled by one of the Queen's Corgi's perhaps? Ref. previous blog post about our massive Horse Chestnut button) Albert brought an array of fabulous buttons and toggles ready for lucky customers at Olympia and Country Living.  The stunning dark wood buttons with black burrs are Jarrah Burr wood and Kerry has already nabbed the Giant one for herself, perhaps not for her Bulb bag but just to look at and stroke fondly - we're all a bit weird about our buttons here, but we know we're not alone!


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