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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Another chaotic day on farm

Download now or watch on posterous (8759 KB)

With visits from Cheryl, Elizabeth and Pauline today our Toft office was full of knitters and their knitting. As we are working on new designs at the moment we have hot and cold running samples overflowing out the doors.

Amongst dozens of new socks, scarf and adult and baby garment designs for winter 2011 we also have a GIANT button sign (and we mean giant- over 50cm diameter!) and we have cast on a big union jack project in our natural colours.

Tomorrow morning we have a journalist and photographer from Image magazine coming for an 'at home with the Bettinsons' feature. Followed by visit from Kate with some new mitten patterns, another 150 buttons from Albert and then finally the arrival of our design samples for 2012!

In between everything else we are catching up on lots of sewing up and felting...but not a show in sight this weekend. Just enough time to walk the dogs and grab this video of the views across the top of Toft overlooking Draycote Water.

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