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Monday, 11 February 2008

Baby Love: Toft Alpaca Babywear Photoshoot

The glorious weather this weekend has enabled us to re-shoot many of our new products, most notably the Babywear range.

With the help of gorgeous model Hannah Bethan Lea we snapped away to catch some adorable ‘Baby Alpaca’ photos.

Accustomed to wearing alpaca, and accompanied by her own knitted Toft Teddy Bear, Hannah was the best model we’ve worked with to date.

Many thanks to her Mum and Dad, Jacqueline and Gavin, for allowing us to capture the very pretty eyes of their daughter for an afternoon (and for stepping in as scenery when needed).

Both Hannah and her parents enjoyed meeting the herd for the first time, and we will begin work on the ‘toddler range’ in the hope that Hannah will adorn our adverts for years to come.
To see more of our photos:
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