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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

And here we go again…

Having spent the whole of yesterday re-organising the fleece store, I have today delivered a further 100kg of top quality alpaca fibre to the mill. I’ve decided to try my hand at a new skill when it comes to natural yarn production: BLENDING.

Desperate to produce a natural grey Double Knit yarn I have mixed some white and some black fleeces in order to achieve the 35kg quantity essential for the mill. I have mixed the colours in equal quantities in the hope of producing a solid grey after it’s spun. Due to the nature of the natural black, the tips of most of the fleeces were bleached brown by the sun. I hope that this will create a ‘rose grey’ effect in the yarn as it will be producing a ‘red-ish’ hue.

In an attempt to create a ‘dark brown’, not chestnut brown or black, I have blended some of my brown fleeces with a few black ones. Hopefully I will create a brown double knit with warmth to the colour and the sheen of the black fleece.

I have dropped off a further 50kg of ‘light fawn’, fondly referred to by knitters as OATMEAL. This colour cold out almost immediately in 2007, and so I have doubled the numbers for 2008 and we will have 25kg of Double Knit and 25kg of Aran. This yarn will hopefully be back to us before the end of February as it is being processed towards the end of this week.

As soon as stock comes in it will go onto the website. For a sample card of our natural colour range please contact me on

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